Interview: Kalisto Pasuwa on Airtel Top 8 final, injury news


Nyasa Big Bullets head coach Kalisto Pasuwa on Thursday spoke to club media ahead of Saturday’s Airtel Top 8 final against Silver Strikers at Kamuzu Stadium.

He discussed the team’s preparations, injuries and facing the Central Bankers in front of thousands of Bullets fans at the Soccer Mecca.

Below is a transcript of Pasuwa’s pre-match interview.

On his team’s readiness for the match:

“We are ready for the game. We started our preparations on Monday after resting for a number of days after the semi-final [against Mighty Wanderers]. We prepare every player to be ready for every particular game that comes. It’s a game that we should have to take seriously, but I am mostly worried with the fact that in our camp, players might go into the game thinking that we won against Wanderers and this game would also be easy, but that game is over and we have another game, which is very important than the semi-finals and so we need to put everything in place in order for us to come up with a win and yes, we have also worked on the mentality part of it so that we are mentally stable heading into this match.”

On Saturday’s opposition:

“Football being football, even if you can play in the water, it needs someone who is very positive minded who would go into the pitch with the winning mindset, so it doesn’t matter where they are playing. We need to put everything in place in order for us to come up with a result.”

On playing at home in front of thousands of supporters:

“It’s a plus to us playing in front of thousands of our supporters. This motivates our players, but it needs one to be positive in whatever he does in order to come up with a result.”

On the list of injuries:

“We have some boys who are not okay and are definitely out of this cup final due to illnesses and injuries. These are some of the regulars who are supposed to be playing, but again, as I said, we prepare everyone to be ready for any game that comes.”

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