1.0       Overview

The Nyasa Big Bullets Football Club Media Policy provides processes through which Nyasa Big Bullets and media agencies can collaborate effectively and efficiently.

In accordance with this Policy, media agencies and those employed by media agencies shall have an understanding of the weekly media opportunities available, the interview request process, match-day activities, communication of key weekly club information and spokespersons on various club activities. Nyasa Big Bullets’ Communications department will ensure the club’s media commitments, responsibilities and special requests are managed with equal consistency.

2.0       Purpose

The Media Policy ensures all internal and external (including media) parties are aware of the club’s procedures when it comes to making a request for public comment for television, radio, print and internet mediums. It has been developed to ensure all media requests are treated equitably and in a timely manner that allows deadlines to be met where possible.

 3.0       Process

Nyasa Big Bullets Football Club intends to deliver desirable, streamlined outcomes for all parties by conducting all media liaison via a central point of contact. Therefore, all media requests are to be directed to the Communications department, which will recommend the appropriate spokesperson(s) and manage the process. The Communications department reserves the right to refuse a request if the appropriate channels are not followed.

The Communications department will be available to make comment on the following:

  • General team information, training schedule and travel information
  • Promotional activities/club events

The Communications department will also delegate media requests on the following issues where appropriate:

  • Administration
  • Recruiting
  • Fitness
  • Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Membership
  • Injuries

4.0 Media opportunities and club communication

4.1 NBBFC Media Policy

  • In accordance with the 2022 NBB FC Media Policy, Nyasa Big Bullets will select several players each week to fulfil media commitments. Each player will usually be selected to undertake any media commitments.
  • As per the club’s regular weekly process, the head coach shall select a senior player from the selected division to attend press conferences.
  • At least one of the selected players will also be required to take part in an exclusive visual opportunity with NBB FC Media, making them unavailable for other visual-based media requests however they can also take part in radio, print and website media commitments.
  • All other media requests for players will be assigned around these commitments.
  • Requests will be determined on a ‘first in, best-dressed’ basis.

 4.2 Additional media requests

  • While the club anticipates the majority of requests will be fulfilled on Monday or Tuesday, any additional requests (for magazine programs for example), should be received by COB Tuesday for the week/weeks ahead.

4.3 Media releases/updates

  • During the season, Nyasa Big Bullets will distribute media update every Thursday, which includes training update, media opportunities, travel if applicable and any other club events/promotions.
  • Injury report will be distributed via the club website every Tuesday.
  • A further media update will be issued on the day of the game, which will include match-day information.
  • Additional media releases will be issued as required.

All media releases are distributed via the NBB FC’s national media list (email) and/or NBB FC WhatsApp Media Desk Group. To be added to this database individuals or organisations should contact the NBB FC Media department.

4.4 Media conferences

  • As outlined earlier, a senior player will be made available either before or immediately after training/recovery early in the week (Tuesday).
  • Head Coach and assistant coach will be made available on Thursday after training session before that weekend’s game(s) or when in the event the team is travelling intercity.
  • NBB FC media accreditation is to be brought to all Nyasa Big Bullets media conferences. The club reserves the right to omit non-NBB FC accredited media.
  • All media conferences should be communicated 24 hours before the set date and time to all members involved.

 4.5 Player access

  • Media may request interviews with individual players, providing the request goes through the Communications department in the first instance. Media houses are asked not to contact players directly.
  • Players selected to play will not be available for pre-match media on match days, broadcast requests being the exception.
  • Players will not be available for media on their designated day off or in their annual leave periods (during the off-season).

 4.6 Training

  • Open training times are detailed through the club’s media release.
  • The club typically holds an open session first Tuesday of every month.

 4.7 Nyasabigbullets.com

  • nyasabigbullets.com is a useful guide for club information such as news, announcements, injuries, training times and profiles. NBBTV will provide additional club news, player information and a variety of content. Audio or video files of interviews that appear on the club’s website can be supplied on request.

 4.8 Issues

 4.8.1    Contracts

  • The club makes no comment on player contracts while negotiating with the player and his manager. Once finalised, a media release will be issued to media via email and other forms of communication.

 4.8.2    Injuries

  • The club views player medical information as confidential. As such, it will only release injury information after discussion with the player and medical staff. The Communications department will release this information on the club’s website or via media updates as required and on www.nyasabigbullets.com.

 5.0       Players

  • Media may request interviews with individual players, providing the request goes through the Communications department in the first instance. Media are asked not to contact players directly
  • Players are instructed to refuse interview and photo requests if they do not come through the Communications department.
  • The Communications department will encourage players to speak with the media when requested. If the player declines, the Communications Manager or Officer will look for an alternative.
  • Players selected to play will not be available for pre-match media on match days.
  • Players will not be available for media on their designated day off or during annual leave periods.

 6.0       Match-day

  • Nyasa Big Bullets Football Club Communications department requests the media respect the following guidelines on match-day.

 6.1 Pre-match media

  • Pre-match media will take place according to the 2022 edition of NBB FC Media Policy.
  • Media houses are asked to advance their pre-match requests through the Communications department by 5pm Wednesday.
  • Pre-match media requests will be spread evenly between the coaching and administrative staff, and injured players. Preference will be given to the official broadcasters (TV and radio).
  • No player selected in the team will be available to speak with the media before the game. This rule may be broken if the TV broadcaster requests a pre-game interview and the Head Coach and the player will be guided accordingly
  • The Head Coach will fulfil one pre-match media request (host broadcaster has priority, then first-in applies).

 6.2 Post-match media

  • Post-match media will take place according to the 2022 NBB FC Media Policy.
  • The Communications department would greatly appreciate if media could make post-match requests through the media manager, as they can assist with player access.
  • A player who has been injured or reported during the game will not be available for interview.
  • At no time is media to access the player shower and medical/treatment areas.

 6.3 Guidelines for engaging with the Media

When engaging in media interviews or making media statements, spokespersons must refrain from: –

  • Using profane or offensive language or content.
  • Engaging in a topic that promotes, fosters or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, age, religion, gender, marital status, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation or other grounds protected under Malawi equal opportunity legislation.
  • Constructing content or drafting a posting or using material that is, or might be construed as threatening, defamatory, harassing, bullying or discriminatory towards any stakeholder of NBBFC.
  • Engaging in conduct or encouragement of any illegal activity.
  • Accepting or making solicitations of money.
  • Using content that violates a legal ownership interest of any person, including breach of copyright or intellectual property rights.
  • Disclosing any confidential or personal information obtained in their capacity as a Board Member and/or an employee of NBBFC.
  • Using content that is either misleading or deceptive.

 6.4. Guidelines for seeking media coverage

  • The Chief Executive Officer must ensure that media statements must be prepared in the following standard format: –
  • The NBBFC corporate logo
  • Date of release
  • Heading (or title of the statement)
  • Release instructions – for immediate publication or embargoed (in which instance, the date and time when it can be made known to the public is stipulated).
  • The contents of the release
  • Further inquiries (stating the name and contact of the Chief Executive Officer).

 6.5 Social Media Framework

  • NBBFC recognizes the importance and benefits of communicating through social media as a powerful vehicle for the communication of relevant news of NBBFC and connecting with the public online, as an important tool for branding and promoting the public image of NBBFC, and to build goodwill.
  • NBBFC encourages the use of social media by its Board members, Standing and Adhoc Committees’ members, Secretariat staff, Players and Technical Officials while accepting the responsibility to limit and avoid the significant risks involved to the privacy, security and reputation of NBBFC wherever possible.
  • NBBFC’s communication through social media must comply with its duty to protect and advance the values of the constitution of the Republic of Malawi and its own values of human dignity, equality, freedom, integrity, tolerance, respect and commitment to excellence.
  • Note: Social Media is any facility for online publication and commentary, including, without limitation, blogs, wikis and platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and any other form of communication that may now or in the future be classified or generally regarded as social media.
  • The Chief Executive Officer and delegated members of staff (through the media department) are mandated or authorized to communicate in the social media on behalf of NBBFC. No member of the Board, Secretariat, Players and Technical Officials are allowed to make comments, share opinions or any Club information on social media and other any other media platforms on behalf of NBBFC without written approval by the CEO.
  • Comments and posts made by the mandated spokespersons on behalf NBBFC must be for the sole purpose of: –
  • Advancing or articulating the official position of NBBFC on a particular subject;
  • Marketing and promoting NBBFC;
  • Conveying critical information during crisis situations.
  • The use of social media, whether using an NBBFC account or otherwise for official communication purposes forms part of NBBFC’s communications strategy and must comply with this Media Policy.
  • NBBFC reserves the right to monitor any online activity relating to official NBBFC social media accounts and to remove inappropriate posts and material what contravenes this policy, or to block disruptive users.
  • NBBFC reserves the right to edit or amend any misleading or inaccurate online content regarding anything concerning NBBFC or the NBBFC’s brand.

7.0       Official club spokespeople

The following people will be able to comment on Nyasa Big Bullets Football Club on subjects relevant to their position:

 7.1       President

  • Major club announcements
  • Policy/Board announcements and issues
  • Responses to NBB FC Board issues
  • End of year financial results

7.2       Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

All administrative operational issues including:

  • Business ventures
  • Operational matters
  • Senior management appointments
  • Sponsorship, membership, marketing and merchandise issues
  • Expenditure and profit/loss

7.3       Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

  • Contracts
  • Fixture and draw
  • Recruitments

7.4       Head Coach

  • Team performance
  • Player performance and progress
  • Team structure and selection
  • Preview and review matches
  • NBBFC football operation issues
  • Tribunal and player suspensions
  • Injury updates
  • Players’ off-field incidents

7.5       Assistant Coaches

Nyasa Big Bullets’ assistant coaches provide media support to the senior coach and as delegated by the head coach are available to comment on:

  • Team performance
  • Player performance and progress
  • Team structure and selection
  • Preview and review matchesNyasabigbulletsfc.com.