Kalisto Pasuwa ahead of the Blantyre derby


FCB Nyasa Big Bullets head coach Kalisto Pasuwa spoke to the media ahead of Saturday’s Blantyre derby against Mighty Mukuru Wanderers in the TNM Super League at Kamuzu Stadium.

The 2023 quadruple-winning coach discussed his team’s preparations, injuries, expectations and records.

Here is everything he said…

On preparations

The preparations have been going on well. We started on Monday and were assessing to see the corrections [of the mistakes] that we were doing against Baka City. We had some of the guys who didn’t play whom we had to push on Monday so they could be on the same level as our guys who have been playing.

On the derby

Derbies are very tricky and everyone wants to win. We expect a lot of entertainment in the game and also for the supporters, they should come in numbers. These games require one to be available to see these derbies when they are being played.

On what his charges need to win

We only need to be positive. Like I said, derbies are very trick. Everyone wants to win; even if you look at supporters, the way they come in numbers means they need to win. So, the mindset that will make one win, when getting there into the game, to some of our boys, don’t put themselves under too much pressure because the moment you give yourself to pressure, you will end up making so many mistakes, also, you need to be very careful in the way that you play because any mistake, you are punished. So, we need to be very tactically good in whatever we do.

On handling the noise in the buildup

On that, you can’t do anything about it. We have been supporters before and we’ve been seeing how it’s done, and even now, we are supporters. We can even see the derbies that other teams are playing and we are supporters. We go to the extent of not eating, wanting your team to win. So, I am saying, to us who are playing it in the field of play, let’s be composed, let’s make people see good football, how is it done, you need to do the right moments of the game, where you need to keep possession, you keep it, where may be out of possession, and also to play with structure and make people be entertained.

On Saturday’s opposition

It’s a game of soccer and it has three results and as I said, it’s a derby we are playing. We go there and play, motivate our boys and we can’t put too much pressure on them. Remember, these are league matches and we have got so many matches that are coming. So, we need to motivate them and let them know that they are having more games that are coming. But again, for one to be considered in the country, for one to be considered for the national team, for one to be seen and everyone, even supporters, he needs to prepare his mind well even the way he presents himself when playing these derbies.

On whether records matter in derbies

No. I am one person who doesn’t want to talk much of history and I have been changing players every year. We can’t talk about what we did in 2022 when we don’t have the players that played in that season. Yes, of course, being a new player coming in, I need to leave a mark by representing myself to make a mark and create my history.

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