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Pasuwa’s interview ahead of MAFCO encounter


Nyasa Big Bullets head coach Kalisto Pasuwa was on Thursday back in front of the media to preview his side’s Saturday clash against MAFCO away at the Civo Stadium in Lilongwe.

He was quizzed about the match, his approach to a very physical side and team news ahead of the TNM Super League tie.

Here is every word from Pasuwa during the pre-match interview before the team leaves for Lilongwe on Friday.

A trip to the Capital City to face an army side, how are you looking forward to the game?

“It’s going to be an interesting match. A good team we are meeting, which plays good football. Last time we faced them, they gave us a torrid time and we had to pull an extra mile in order for us to win and it’s also very physical in their approach. I think the better team on the day will get the points and we expect a tough game.”

As you said Army teams have been very physical and you expressed worry even last season when you played the likes of Moyale Barracks that they were too physical, this time around, what have you changed to make sure that your side copes with that [type of play]?

“During our pre-season trainings, we have been going to the gym and we have also been trying to work on the strength part of it as you know most of these youngsters are coming from the Reserve side and they were not doing much of physical training and I think this time around, they are ready to go and we hope for the best”.

Bullets are best playing at home and they haven’t lost a game for the past seven years, you are playing away and this is a very important game in as far as picking up points, how crucial is it that you should take three points at Civo Stadium?

“Yeah, very crucial to us. Remember, last week we played two games and we rested the boys for two days as part of the recovery and we had a very serious training session today and we did put them on a super compensation for us to have the energy back. Remember also last time we were playing away games and we collected points, but it wasn’t easy for us when facing these teams away. We had to rely on the guys who were coming from the bench to give us extra energy and win those points, but I think having seen how we have done, how we have prepared this time around, we will do our level best in order to collect points.”

Talking about the returnees, players that were absent when the season restarted, who are some of the names you are taking to the capital city?

“On the new guys, I dont think we are taking anyone, especially on those ones who’re coming from injuries. The traveling squad will comprise those who have been training with us full time and those who ones who have been with the national team. We have been having problems with some of our guys, who can lie to you that they are okay when they are carrying injuries, you know with players the moment you’re going to a game they want to be good, but it’s their performance that will show you that no this one is not okay, so we have carried those who are fit enough to give us points.

Last week, you complained that when players go to play for the national team, there is quite a big gap that they have to fill in terms of meeting your standards when they return to the club, has that been leveled now?

“On that aspect, for instance now we don’t have any time to be training with these guys due to the number of games we are having, we play maybe two games, rest a day and then go and play another game. When you are having a team in the pre-season, each and every player knows what to do. If I say go to the left, he goes to the left and if I say go to the right, he goes to the right. In every systems that we need to use, they should have to know them and now it has been a case where I have been training with some of these guys who don’t play in the first eleven and later when we are starting games, we use players who have been with the national team and may be it’s the theory part of it to try to force them to play instead of doing the practical part of it.”

On injuries, we have Lanjesi Nkhoma who picked up a knock during the training, any update?

“We got a report from the doctors and the youngster has a sprain. He will have a rest for one or two weeks before he can come back. That’s the set back that we have been facing in each and every game that we are playing, we end up losing a player. We need to manage them as you know games will be coming in each three, four days, so we need to be very cautious with the players and how we manage them.”

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