Kalisto Pasuwa’s pre-Tigers presser


FCB Nyasa Big Bullets head coach Kalisto Pasuwa spoke to members of the press ahead of our TNM Super League home match against Waka Waka Mighty Tigers at Kamuzu Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

Read on to find out which areas the Bullets gaffer tackled as he awaits to face Leo Mpulula’s side in our second league fixture of this new campaign after dropping points away to Dedza Dynamos following a 1-1 draw.

On how the squad looks ahead of the Tigers tie

“This is our second game of the season. The unfortunate part of it is that we started with fewer numbers due to injuries we suffered last year and we didn’t start with them as they are still recovering. Again, we lost Maxwell Phodo last week and he is part of the players who are recovering, and again, it will take him four to six weeks out of action.

As you can see, two games already, we are missing players. Some of the players are also sick and they will play no role on Saturday, but we have a squad that can fulfil the fixture and we hope everyone is ready to do his duty.”

On facing a side that started badly, losing 3-1 away to Creck

“The season has just started. It’s not all about one to be saying we should have to win when we are starting. It’s all about how you prepare yourself. Are you ready to start on a high note? Or the way you were preparing maybe you wanted things to be like the way they are, but in this situation, they started slowly away from home and we were also away, we had a fair result where we should have won the game, but unfortunately, we couldn’t. As Bullets, we take every game as it comes and those are some of the games coming for us to do the job.”

On meeting a team yet to win against Bullets in 14 years

“No, we don’t talk about history when it comes to football, but the ammunition that we are having in that particular year. If you prepare yourself well to do good, you will do good. So, it’s one area that we need to educate ourselves to say are we prepared for Tigers for us to win? Tigers is also one of the teams when playing us, it gives us a torrid time. They do their homework on us very well and they are organized in everything they do. So, it’s not about history, it won’t be an easy match for us and we need to work hard for us to come back with points.”

On returning to Kamuzu Stadium after three months

“We trained [at Kamuzu Stadium on Thursday] and this has been our home and to each one who comes in, he knows how important it is to win here. To those [players] that have just joined us, they will experience their first home appearance here.

On most teams enjoying football when playing at Kamuzu Stadium

“Remember, in most of the grounds that we play, they are bumpy, but when they come here, you will see them playing with a structure just because of the surface so we need to push up in order for us to be on another level in terms of how we do our business.”

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